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I am currently very much liking the military boot trend that is everywhere… flat ankle boots with laces and buckles – I need a pair!

But what to go for?  I’ve actually seen the perfect ones, being worn by someone.  They were dark grey, leather, lace up with a couple of buckles on the lower ankle.  But can I find that pair anywhere?  No!  Isn’t it annoying when you’ve got a specific idea of something in your head and you just can’t find them anywhere?!

I have found some really nice ones though… some of which are way out of my budget (as always!).  If I can’t find that perfect dark grey as seen on a complete stranger soon I’ll have to choose from this lot! (Click on the images to take you to the website.)

Here is my top eight (in no particular order)…

Ash Rem Studded Biker Ankle Boots

Ash Rem Studded Biker Ankle Boots from – £269.99

ASOS ARCHIVE Leather Lace Up Ankle Boots

ASOS Archive Leather Lace Up Ankle Boots from – £65.00

Dr Martens Modern Classics Serena Fur

Dr Martens Classic Serena Fur from – £85.00

Oasis Izzy Work Boots

Oasis Izzy Work Boots from – £70.00

Womens Red Or Dead Seattle Boots

Read or Dead Seattle Boots from – £99.99

Schuh Corporal Lace Up Boot Boots

Schuh Corporal Lace Up Boots from – £49.99

Schuh Corporal Fleece Lace Boots

Schuh Corporal Fleece Lace Up Boots from – £49.99

Schuh Maron Military Boots

Schuh Maron Military Boots from – £69.99

So there we are… which ones are best? I’m not sure. I could happily wear all eight pairs… if only I was a shoe maker!  Feel free to comment with your opinions.

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    • Splodz

      Oh yea me likey those very much! Now heeled boots are another topic altogether… there’s loads of those out at the mo too! Oh dear!!

  1. Jade

    There are some beautiful military boots in River Island that you should check out!

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