Whirly Word Record?

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Back in August I blogged about Whirly Word, a iPhone app word game by Mighty Mighty Good Games.  You should read it and download the app coz it’s really good and very addictive.

Well this game has become very popular in my house and amongst my friends.  My husband has just finished a game – not because he couldn’t do it but because he’s moved from his iPod touch to a new iPhone 4 – with a score that I’m pretty jealous of…

Whirly Word Score

So… here’s the challenge. Can you beat him? Your target is 31,190 total points, 1,257 total words and 122 puzzles solved.  If you’re not sure of your scores go to “Records” on the home screen of the app and it’ll tell you in three tabs.  If you can beat him comment below with your scores!!

The only problem is that because the app has a limited number of puzzles they keep being repeated which means the game has a limited life.  It would be great to see an update with more puzzles!  Are you there app developers?

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  1. dave innerebner

    Up To 500,000 and beyond in Whirly Word points. My goal is 1,000,000. I have a picture of the iphone desk top but do not know how to post it.

  2. Paul Wilkinson

    So far I have 2370 puzzles and I want 10,000

  3. Richard Davis

    Whirly Word high score so far as I am still playing the same gammon and off for 18 months!!!
    Not bad ehh!!!

  4. Dave

    I’m at 2,196,900 points, 75944 words found, 4481 puzzles solved. Very addicting game!!

  5. Andy

    Words found 99171
    Total score. 2828800
    Puzzles solved. 6000
    And still going strong

  6. Dave

    Words found: 152,455
    Puzzles Solved: 9080
    Total Score: 5,139,150

  7. dani

    What does the little badge mean? In the picture above theyre all 1’s and on mine it’s 2..?

  8. JonMaine

    I am on my fourth game 819 games 362820 points 12694 words, this is the longest intact one . I have played several before reaching about half those figures on 3 occasions losing phones, sabotaged by children or embarrassingly myself hitting the wrong button!!

  9. Gary

    Anyone know what the highest single game/round score is? So far my highest single game score is 980. I emailed the developers but they had never run the scores on all the words so they didn’t know either.

  10. Evan

    #1 means its your best score on record for each metric; #2 is second best, etc.

    I’m at 10,000 words, 283,000 points, and 625 puzzles.

  11. Lauren

    Words found: 174 945
    Points scored: 4,589 670
    Puzzles solved: 11 322


  12. Gary H

    I’m at 16640 games played, 283703 words found, and 9503290 points.

    • stantonl

      Hats off to you, Gary H. Your per-game average score of 571 means that you nearly always get all of the words for each puzzle. The temptation to take only one or two minutes per puzzle and then move on, racking up the points, invalidates the score as far as I am concerned, because there is little or no brain exercise involved.

      I just topped the million mark: 1,000,040 points, 1739 games.

  13. Dan Konkle

    I was given an iPod Touch in 2008 to help me recover from hip surgery. Four more hip surgeries later I’m at 28.8 million, with 50,240 puzzles solved. The highest individual game score I’ve seen is 1020, several times. Since about 18 million I’ve been playing the more difficult level, which includes letters of the Hebrew alphabet, no end of Scottish words, and every foreign tropical plant or tree ever made.

  14. stantonl

    All hail the champion: DAN KONKLE!

    The more difficult level gives you the opportunity for more points per puzzle, but damn some of those words are obscure!

    Have you noticed the little oddities, such as ‘pules’ and ‘puling’ being accepted words, but ‘pule’ is not?

    How many hours would you estate that you have spent at this game, and has it expanded your vocabulary?

  15. Dan Konkle

    Stantonl – Yes, the inconsistencies with plurals are annoying, not to mention the habit of creating a plural by just adding an ‘s’ to an adjective, a usage one would never encounter in the real world. What’s really frustrating to me is the dictionary function. To look up ‘ywis’ and be told it’s a variation of ‘iwis’ is pointless. It’s always fun to find new words, but I prefer to use the common currency in conversation or writing instead of alienating people with words like quean, giglot, and manque. I don’t really want to know the hours spent at WW, although it’s never a primary activity. I usually play while watching a game on the TV. I actually have something resembling a life, containing a wife and a friend or two, and I am slowing restoring an old car.

  16. Beckster

    I have 8,157,410 points. I may have reached the end of the game, tho. The “resume” button s shaded out, but the others are highlighted. Do I have to start over again? I was hoping to reach ten million, but will settle for eight million, I guess

    • stantonl

      Commenter Dan Konkle reached 28 million, so if you are running into a limitation, it must be a recently added one. Perhaps you should write to Mighty Mighty Good Games.

  17. Gary H

    Update: I now have 716754 words, 24,018,480 points, and 42040 puzzles.

  18. Dan Konkle

    40,000,260. Due to some wonderfully geeky cosmic alignment this occurred at exactly the 70,000th puzzle. The six letter word was TIPCAT. Word count is 1,316,924.

  19. Peter

    I’m just over 10 million. You have set the bar Dan! Thanks for giving me a target to shoot for over time!

    • Gerry

      Just crossed 10 million. Pretty much the end as I will upgrade my phone next month

  20. Lisa Fitz

    Total Words Found: 314,459
    Total Score: 9,390,470
    Total Puzzles Solved: 18,289

    I think I have a problem!

  21. Dan Konkle

    A milestone of sorts – 100,00 puzzles solved. Allele was the six point word. 57,494,320 total score. What I thought was cool is that each of the five categories ended in a zero, which doesn’t happen often.

  22. Dan Konkle

    60,000,370. Over two million words. I can’t believe this ten year old iPod still works.

  23. Tunesmith

    Scoring bug!!!
    If your puzzle has more than one palindrome, the new total score will be incorrect.
    Example: Previous score is 500. New puzzle score is 500. New total score *should* be 1000. But if your puzzle has two palindromes, the new total score will be 1020. Twenty extra points get added: 500+500=1020.
    Check for yourself.

  24. Dan Konkle

    70,000,020. Whew.. 2,343,151 words found, 121,157 puzzles solved. Am I the only one in the known universe who is still playing this game?

  25. Hunter Rigg

    My dad has 2,458,660 score, 96,730 words found, 6,342 puzzles solved!! Crazy

  26. Michael Smith

    Total words found. 1,006,159
    Total score 26,481,300
    Puzzles solved 57,163

  27. Stan Dunn

    OK, I admit I have a problem. Puzzles solved = 126,808. Words found = 2,405,936. Score = 76,490,140. I’m an addict.

  28. Snowadian

    Just hit 200 puzzles solved for a total score of 71,970 – 2746 words found! Thought it was relatively special until I came here !

  29. Darth Rico

    This is the best Jumble-type game ever. I have played several hundreds of thousands of games.
    But did you know there is a scoring error? No kidding. Try this:

    1. Start a new game, and solve the first puzzle. Does it have more than one Palindrome?
    2. If not, start a new game. Keep starting new games until you solve a puzzle that has more than one Palindrome.
    3. Now – check your Score against your Total Score. They *should* be the same – after all you have played just one puzzle.
    4. BUT they are not the same! For every extra Palindrome that you have – more than one – your Total Score gets an extra 20 points. This gets added to your ongoing Total Score.

    If you have three Palindromes, and your puzzle Score is 840, your Total Score will be 880. 20 points extra for every extra Palindrome.
    This is a bug! Your Total Score should obviously be the same as your puzzle Score on your first puzzle! And as you continue on, you can check your ongoing Total Score – every time there is more than one Palindrome, your Total Score is artificially inflated by 20 points for each extra Palindrome.

  30. Dan Konkle

    Whew. 80,000,180. That’s 2,680,509 words and 137,946 puzzles. Gonna give it a rest now.

  31. Stan

    Should I laugh or cry?
    141,266 puzzles
    2,682,214 words

    Score 85,412,880
    send help.

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