Year in Photos (5 Oct 2010)

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My bunnies have featured as my Year in Photos entries lots of times so far this year.  Today Ginger makes another appearance. She’s been at the vets today to have a dental – she had a spur on the side of her tooth which had to be filed down under anaesthetic, poor thing. She came home early this evening but is still very grumpy. She’s staying inside tonight and has to be kept seperate from Chocolate, which is causing Chocolate some stress. I’m supposed to be making sure Ginger eats and drinks but she’s just not interested in either – she’s back for a check-up on Thursday so hopefully she’ll be back to her normal self by then.

Tuesday 5th October 2010
Tuesday 5th October 2010

05/10/10: Ginger feeling sorry for herself after her dental today

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