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As you know from this Year in Photos post this time mypure bloggers were allowed to choose our own products to review.  One of the two products I chose was the Alva Coleur Liquid Eye Shadow in Pale Almond.  I chose this because it is a type of product sold by mypure I hadn’t tried yet, and I’ve always liked the idea of liquid eye shadow but have never tried it.

Alva Coleur Liquid Eye Shadow

Alva Coleur Liquid Eye Shadow: £9.70 for 8ml

Product description:

Alva Coleur Liquid Eye Shadow comes in 6 shades. They have been a real winner since their launch and are a first of their kind in natural and organic make-up. Whether you’re looking for a striking, glamorous night time look, or something more subtle and natural for wearing during the day, there is a shade for everyone.

They dry quickly, and depending on the depth of colour desired, can be blended in on application or left to dry before blending for a more vivid look. Layering is also possible, but however you choose to use these liquid eye shadows they won’t gather in crow’s feet or fine lines around the eyes. The inclusion of Wellmune beta glucans also means they’re perfect for sensitive eyes.

Alva Coleur Liquid Eye Shadow

I went for the pale almond as I wanted something natural that would make my eyes brighter for day-time wear.  I currently use a light cream standard eye shadow from Boots 17 for the day which I use to surround my eye with the intention of making them appear bigger.

Alva Coleur Liquid Eye Shadow

The applicator brush was soft but nicely shaped for fine lines or broad colouring. I wanted to be able to put a small amount under my eye and a larger amount on top of my eye so this seemed ideal. It seemed to pick up a lot of colour which was obviously useful!

Alva Coleur Liquid Eye Shadow

I have quite pale skin (not really shown well in this reddish pic of my hand!) and I was hoping this pale almond colour would be slightly lighter than my skin tone (to give the brightening effect) but not luminous, and when I tried it on my hand I was quite pleased with it.

Alva Coleur Liquid Eye Shadow

But as you can see when I applied it for the first time to my eye it didn’t apply as smooth as on the back of my hand. From this first go, though, I did find the applicator the perfect size and shape, as suspected.

Alva Coleur Liquid Eye Shadow

As you can see I tried again – this time one eye with eye liner/mascara (just the normal black stuff I had in my make-up bag) and the other without.  The brightness of the Alva Coleur Liquid Eye Shadow really shows on the one with the eye liner and I like the look for day-time.

Alva Coleur Liquid Eye Shadow

You can see here, although slightly blurred (sorry I can’t keep still enough!!) that it has a slightly metallic finish to it, which I like.

So, my first ever liquid eye shadow trial was a sucess, and as I’ve used it over the last few days and got used to the way it applies to my eyelids I’m glad I picked this to review from mypure.  I am tempted by a different colour – maybe the Silver Grey.  As far as telling you how good the Alva Coleur Liquid Eye Shadow is compared with other liquid eye shadows, well I can’t do that because I’ve never tried a different one; but I can tell you I do like it, it was great for my sensitive eyes, it wasn’t at all heavy and I liked the finish it gave.

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  1. Mary

    I also used liquid shadows, but never tried any liquid eye shadow, will definitely go for it.

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