Keeping Hands Warm

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Autumn. First frosts of the year. Time to get out the hats, scarves and gloves to keep warm when venturing outside.

I have always liked fingerless gloves.  I don’t see them as something I can only wear outside… at this time of year when it’s cold I will sit at my desk all day with them on.  My hands are snuggly warm but I don’t have the dexterity problems I would get with normal gloves.

Fingerless Gloves

And even better there are some really cute fingerless gloves about at the moment…

New Look - Bow

Gorgeous grey gloves with a bow from New Look (£5.99)… I think I may own these ones before the weekend!

New Look - Military

A little smarter? These military style gloves come in blue or red and are right on trend. Also from New Look (£5.99).

Accessorize - Boudoir Crochet

Not just fingerless – completely cut off.  From Accessorize (£12.00) and really cute.

Accessorize - Stripes

Convertible gloves… fingerless and mittens. I’ve got a pair of these in a different colour. From Accessorize (£10.00).

There are obviously loads more gloves about at the moment – the shops are full of them – but these are some of my favourites when it comes to the fingerless variety.

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