mypure Review – Alva Rhassoul Cleansing Milk

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As you know from this post and this post I picked my own mypure products to review this time.  The second (and final) choice I made was the Alva Rhassoul Cleansing Milk which is a cleanser designed for spot-prone skin – perfect for me then.

Alva Rhassoul Cleansing Milk

This cleanser costs £12.50 for a 100ml tube – see here:|-oily%29-b150/rhassoul-cleansing-milk-%28makeup-remover%29-p1233

Alva Rhassoul Cleansing Milk for combination skin and skin prone to blemishes, this purifying cleansing milk penetrates deep into the pores to remove particles of dirt, excess oil, and gently removes make-up residue, even in the sensitive eye area. Its moisturising and deeply cleansing action leaves the skin feeling incredibly silky. When wearing make-up use Rhassoul Cleansing Milk first then follow with Rhassoul Mineral Wash Cream, Facial Tonic, Balance Cream or Active Cream.

Alva Rhassoul Cleansing Milk

Based on the description I decided to use this first before continuing with my normal routine (using Liz Earle cleanser, toner and moisturiser) – this, as I understood it, was designed to remove all my make-up and therefore make my normal routine more effective.

And I have to say while it was great at removing my make-up (couldn’t test on waterproof masacara as I don’t own any!), I wasn’t convinced it made much difference to the effectiveness of my routine – just made it take longer.  I think the Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleaner that I use daily is particularly good at getting rid of all the make-up I wear (which isn’t very much to be fair) so it would have been hard for the Alva to help it out much.

Alva Rhassoul Cleansing Milk

So what about the fact that this product is designed for exactly my kind of skin?  And at £12.95 it would be quite an addition to my bathroom cabinet?  Well, it definitely cleaned my face of all my make-up, there is no doubt about that.  It was also very kind to my skin – my face felt clean but not overwhelmed or completely stripped.  But to be honest it wasn’t a product that blew me away.  It was just – well, ok.  I wouldn’t say to anyone “you must go and buy this now” but at the same time I’m not going to tell you to avoid it like the plague.  It was ok.  It did the job.  It is probably as good as the price tag.  But I don’t think I’ll be replacing this tube when it runs out.  Maybe if part if a full Alva Rhassoul routine?

Have you tried this product? What do you think of it?  And what would you like to see me review next?

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