Year in Photos (28 Oct 2010)

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I love listening to music.  One of the reasons I have an iPhone is that it is an iPod too – I love my music to sound fantastic. So of course I don’t use the headphones that came with it, I have a set of Sennheiser CX400s which I love.

But as my Sennheisers are fantastic at blocking out everything that’s going on around me – making them perfect the vast majority of the time – they are not good for when I’m sat at my desk at work.  So when I’m at work I use a set of ordinary but pretty good Panasonic headphones.  Well I did.  Look.

I’ve managed to piece them back together but to be honest they now hurt my ears… any suggestions for cheap but decent headphones suitable for use in an environment where I also need to hear what’s going on around me?

Thursday 28th October 2010
Thursday 28th October 2010

28/10/10: Not great for good music

  1. Bec

    I’d go for another cheap panasonic pair that’s what I use when I’m not using my noise cancelling ones.

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