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Recently CafePress got in touch with me about their brand new range of iPhone4 cases asking if I’d like to review one for Splodz Blogz.  And I could pick whichever one I wanted… oh dear there are 100s!  I eventually chose an arty one (rather than one of the other logos, slogans, images etc) as I thought that was something I’d happily use every day.

Painted Stripes iPhone 4 Slider Case

 CafePress iPhone4 Case


CafePress iPhone4 Case

The case is in two parts, much like my old incase case for my 3GS. The bottom part has a soft feel to it, making it grippy to pull off when you want to.  The top part is where the design is – I chose mine with a white background but you can also choose silver or pink (the bottom is always black).  Inside the case there is a felt-lining to protect the back of your iPhone.  And around the outside and on the back there are the necessary holes/cut-outs for the docking slot, volume, camera etc.

CafePress iPhone4 Case

CafePress iPhone4 Case

It is a hard plastic case which adds a little width to the iPhone4 but in the process protects it from knocks and scratches.  It feels nice in my hand, isn’t too bulky, and the two halves it seems to clip together well.

Putting  the case on the iPhone is easy.  The top of the case slid on with ease, with the cut-outs fitting over the relevant areas perfectly.  The bottom also slid on easily, although it was a bit fiddly to join the two halves together – there are tabs that go under each other which needed a little but not too much persuasion to get right. 

Once on my iPhone the case looked great.  It made my 9mm iPhone4 (without case) a total of 12.5mm deep, which is 1.5mm wider than what I’m used to with my incase snap case (which is 11mm).  The top and bottom of the case give good protection (the incase snap case is open top and bottom leaving it open to potential chips if dropped), and I was able to dock my iPhone into my Bose Soundock without removing the bottom of my case.

CafePress iPhone4 Case and Incase Snap Case

Comparing this to the case I currently use I really like it.  It’s not as compact as the incase, but the fact that you can choose pretty much any design you like to make it completely yours is very appealing.

CafePress iPhone4 Case

CafePress iPhone4 Case

The main problem, though, comes if you are using a screen protector on your iPhone. The case edges got caught between the screen protector and the screen, lifting the film off and creating bubbles.  So, if you are using a screen protector (which I do), and you can’t be bothered to spend a while forcing the screen protector underneath the case edges, then you should probably look at a different design of case.  CafePress aren’t alone here, many other cases have the same problem reported about them, but it is worth bearing in mind if you want to keep your screen protector on your phone.

CafePress iPhone4 Case

Overall then, a nice looking case that can have pretty much any image on it you like, but is not compatible with screen protectors.

View the full range of iPhone4 casses on CafePress here.  And while you’re there, have a look around the CafePress site because there are soooo many products to look at… tshirts and hoodies, mugs and calendars, flasks and waterbottles, rugs and yoga mats, and lots more.

  1. Colm

    I only came across these slider cases today when doing a repair on an iphone 4. They seem to be very good quality..presume they cost more than standard cases all the same!

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