Year in Photos (23 Nov 2010)

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Thanks to a friend (Charis) talking much recently about crafting, I promised myself this evening that I’d get my paints/pencils out this weekend. But then something happened and I realised I had my pastel pencils out on the desk infront of me while I was chatting to her.  I haven’t been properly “arty” for a long time – too long – I just don’t have the time.  I’ve only been doodling this evening but I really love pastel pencils as a medium… I just need to get me some time (and a new pastel blender) to produce something more than a few lines.

Tuesday 23rd November 2010
Tuesday 23rd November 2010

23/11/10: Brushing the dust off my pastel pencils for some doodling

Here are the doodles I did first… my talents aren’t particularly developed but I enjoy drawing.

Misty Night Sky in Pastel Pencil

Dead Tree in Spring in Pastel Pencil

Simple Daff in Pastel Pencil

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