Sweets Sweets and More Sweets

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Everyone who knows me, even just a little bit, knows I LOVE sweets!  I’ll choose sweets over chocolate any day of the week (unless it’s Green & Blacks White Chocolate!). I am truly a kid at heart.

My friends at BritishCandy.com know this and sent me this to review for Splodz Blogz…

Giant Sweet Shop Jar of Retro Sweets

Retro Sweets


Included in my jar (and it says on the website contents may vary – this is what I got):

  • 1 bag of Tooty Frooties
  • 3 packets of Space Dust
  • Bag Liquorice Torpedoes
  • 3 Mega Refresher Chew Bars
  • 3 WHAM Bars
  • 3 Vimto Bars
  • 1 Dip Dab
  • Bag of Flying Saucers
  • Bag of Dolly Mixtures
  • 2 Flumps
  • 1 Sugar Mouse
  • Bag of Black Jacks
  • Bag of Fruit Salads
  • Bag of Anglo Bubbly
  • Bag of Candy Shrimps
  • 2 rolls of Wine Gums
  • 1 roll of Parmaviolets
  • 1 Curly Wurly
  • Bag of Cola cubes
  • 1 roll of Lovehearts

Oh my goodness, what a lot of sweets!!!

Retro Sweets

But how to review a big jar of sweets?!  My other half kindly suggested simply typing “munch munch dribble” or something like that… well it wouldn’t be far from the truth.

Delivery was quick.  It’s courier delivery – I was told my parcel had been posted on 12th November (a Friday) and it arrived on the Monday morning, so not long to wait.  It came well packaged and included a proper throw back to the 80s – a Beano Comic dated 12th September 1987, a nice touch I thought.

Retro Sweets

Retro Sweets

The jar was pretty full – you get a lot of sweets, but not quite as many as you would get from the penny sweet tubs 20-30 years ago (ugh I’m so old!).  The selection was great – I particularly liked the Wham bars, space dust and the black jacks (which aren’t the same in the packs you can get in Wilkinsons).  But of course my favourite, and the first thing to be gobbled up, were the flying saucers – I’d happily eat a whole jar of those!!

Retro Sweets

The fact is that this this jar of sweets really made me smile.  It brought back memories of “chewsday” (don’t ask!) and Gregory’s cornershop opposite my Primary School in Devonport.  And for that and those memories I would happily have a jar of sweets like this in the house all the time.  Ok so my teeth and weight wouldn’t appreciate it… so I’ll stick to having this jar as a treat and enjoying eating and sharing them.

Retro Sweets

If you like sweets and would like to treat yourself or someone you love this Christmas then Britishcandy.com have given me a special code that is good for 5% off your order.  Simply use code SPLODZ5 at the checkout between now and the end of December 2010 to get your discount.  Go on… you know you want to!

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