Year in Photos (21 Dec 2010)

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Well I forgot to take the photo I wanted today, most annoyed with myself. I wanted a photo of the mural in the Church I was in this evening because it’s really pretty, but after the Carol service I completely forgot (despite it being on my mind all the way through) and left without taking it.

So thanks to a friend’s suggestion (Gemma!) you have a pic of Chocolate this evening. I don’t bring them in for long periods in this weather because they don’t cope well with changes in temperature and I don’t want them to warm up too much and start shedding fur.  But Chocolate came in and played on the kitchen work top (which I then cleaned!) for a couple of minutes while I got their stuff ready for bedtime.

Tuesday 21st December 2010
Tuesday 21st December 2010

21/12/10: Chocolate in the kitchen

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