End of the Shoe Challenge

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Back in July a good friend challenged me to wear every pair of shoes I own in six months.

Black military style boots by River Island

Current favourite… River Island military-style lace-ups)

Well, that six months is up today, and so that’s it, my time is up.

Brown Converse high tops with double tongue

Shoe staple – Converse All Star high-tops

In the last 184 days I’ve worn 91 pairs of shoes out of the 95 pairs I own.  I blame the unworn total on the stupid weather we’ve had recently meaning I’ve not worn my pretty sandals to Christmas parties this year.  Well that’s my excuse anyway!

Grey courts by Dorothy Perkins

My newest pair, bought on 30th December

If you want to, you can see photos of all 95 pairs (so that’s including all the fashionable ones AND all the practical ones!) over on my Shoe Challenge page.

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