New Year

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Today is so much more than just another day.  We’ve been looking forward to it for a while… not just planning a New Year’s Eve night out (or night in) but also thinking about what might be different, what might happen.  We look at today with hope, with longing, with a new sense of what will or might be in the coming 365 days.

Today is about a hope that life can and will be different this year.

Happy New Year 2011

I don’t know what your 2010 was like.  I’d say overall mine was pretty damn good.  Apart from the whole turning old thing in November I can look back and smile and the last 12 months.  Setting up this blog was one of the first things I did in 2010 (it’s one year old on Friday), and that in itself has been good.  Apart from that I’ve had the pleasure of spending lots of time with family and friends, ticking lots of things off my “Things to Do List” (update to that coming soon), learning lots and generally being happy.

I know many of my friends have not had a good 2010.  For some of you that is because of illness, bereavement, or other things that have happened.  But remember, whatever has happened to you, today marks the start of something new.  If you want it to, it can mark the start of a new attitude, one that can get you through the next 12 months with a smile on your face.

Yes I know it’s just a useful date to do this and any day could actually be your “New Year”… but there is nothing wrong with making today the philosophical new start that we’re culturally encouraged to make it.

For myself, I have a few things that I hope for in 2011.  Some are the usual – I want to get fit (I was so fit and healthy when I was 20!), lose a bit of weight and tone up.  Nothing new there.  I’d like to tick a good few more things off my Things to Do List, starting with indoor skydiving and going on a segway which I will book this week (I got both from family for my birthday).  I want to start drawing/painting again (it always helped me relax), become a better photographer, always have a clean and tidy house (I can dream!), and raise more money for charity.  I’d like to be more organised and focussed on everything that I do, so that I am not just “ok” with what I achieve but happy with it all too.  Oh, and I want to look back on 2011 and with confidence say “it has been a good year”.

I am a strong believer that we need smiles and laughter in our lives.  So my wish for you for 2011?  That whatever 2011 brings – good and not so good – that you are able to smile and remain happy inside and that the beauty of happiness radiates on your face for all to see.

It’s 2011… BRING IT ON!

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  1. jenniwren12

    what an inspiring post, it bought tears to my eyes 🙂

    Wishing you all you hope for and more this year Zoe. xxx

  2. Jade

    Love this post! Has definitely helped me reflect on what I want for this mew year xx

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    […] Last year I wished for you that whatever you wanted from 2011 and whatever the year brought for you, that the beauty of happiness radiated on your face in the form of a smile. We all need to smile and laugh, it is a fantastic medicine and is even infectious. I hope that has been true for you in 2011 and will continue in 2012. […]

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