Happy Birthday Splodz Blogz

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Well well well… Splodz Blogz is one year old today. Who would have thought it?

So I thought I’d share a cake from Charm City Cakes with all my readers…

Cake from Charm City Cakes

(You’ve all seen Ace of Cakes right?! I love Duff!)

On 7th January 2010 I finally set up a personal blog.  And hasn’t it grown?  At the moment I’m getting well over 100 hits a day… and I’m having great fun with my Year in Photos, writing reviews for various products, sharing my ramblings.

So here’s to the next year of more posts, more reviews, more fashion and beauty posts, more photos and more visitors!

PS – There may or  may not be a celebratory competition coming later – perhaps around midday if you’re interested.  Make sure you’re subscribed to Splodz Blogz to be the first to know!  Simply put your email address in the box on the right.

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  1. jenni_thorpeuk@yahoo.co.uk

    Happy Burthday Splodz Blogz! Its been fun reading 🙂

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