Win Robbie in my Birthday Competition!

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As you know… Splodz Blogz is one year old today. 

And thanks to Cameo Art Studio I can celebrate in style with a giveaway.  Did you see my blog post on them in December?  (No? You should go read it!)

Robbie Williams

Gerry has very kindly offered this 20×20 limited edition Robbie Williams pop art painting on canvas to one lucky Splodz Blogz reader. Very nice!

How to Enter

Simply comment on this post (use the comment box below) to enter to win this great prize. 

You must also follow @CameoArt on Twitter for your entry to be valid.  Please include your Twitter name in your comment below so we can check you do.

The Rules

  • This competition is open to the UK only.
  • The competition closes at 12noon on Friday 14th Janury (one week from this post).
  • Entry is by commenting on this page.
  • Entrants must include a valid email address in the box provided (will not be published) and also a Twitter name within the body of their comment.
  • Entrants must have a Twitter account and be following @CameoArt to be eligible to win.
  • You can only enter once.  If you post more than one comment only your first will count as entry into the competition.
  • Members of my immediate family cannot enter (sorry!)
  • The winner will be picked at random from all eligible entries and be announced on Splodz Blogz.
  • The winner will be contacted by email and their details will be given to Cameo Art Studio to allow delivery of the prize (which will be in February).  Details will not be used for any other purpose.
  • You don’t get any extra entries for tweeting or posting about this competition anywhere, but I don’t mind if you do!
  • Oh… and my decision is final (sounds good doesn’t it?!).

Good luck all – may the luckiest person win!

121 Responses

  1. @nicky63

    Oh! I thought you meant the real Robbie! ah well I wouldn’t have anywhere to keep him anyway 😉 However, I have just the spot for the canvas 😀 Happy Blogday SplodzBlogz xx (@nicky63)

  2. Jan2009


    Would love to win this.. its the only way I will get Robbie in my bedroom lol

  3. Catherine Miller

    We love you Robbie! And Splodz! And Cameo Art!

    Who to cheer for loudest?

    Happy Birthday Splodz! So looking forward to tomorrow! Your blog has been a real inspiration!


  4. Jo Bryan

    Hi Splodz

    I love that canvas, my comment may make you laugh, I had a saucy dream about robbie a few years back, then as you do forget by the next day, we went to Hunstanton for a day out and in a window of a shop, there was a huge poster. I said to my husband “I was in bed with him last night!” He laughed but two little ladies glared gasped and tutted. I had said it louder than imagined.

  5. jennifer thorpe

    brilliant competition Zoe and fab prize 🙂 am following @CameoArt on twitter.

  6. Kelly Manton

    Happy Birthday! Thanks for the comp, what an amazing piece
    of art!! x @KellySee

  7. Corrine

    Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy
    birthday dear Splodz Blogz Happy birthday to you! As you know, I am
    just a little nuts about Robbie and Take That! This would
    definitely keep the smile on my face until it’s time to see them in
    july- and be a great memory of it afterwards (not that I’m at all
    excited you understand!!!) . (_) | | | | | | | |

  8. Carol-Anne Rous

    I love Robbie!!
    Happy birthday Splodz Blog!

  9. Corrine

    My twitter name didn’t appear on that post, and my candle went wonky! @cshimmon

  10. tracey rollings

    this would make an awesome engagement present for my best
    mate who is an avid robbie fan happy birthday blog

  11. Tracey Flynn

    Really great piece of Art, I adore Robbie, those eyes just
    capture him fantastic. @Larry680

  12. rosie

    for a moment i saw poptart !!! Now I see Robbie pop art!
    ahh! breakfast will never be the same again @kohsamuirosie on
    twitter was @kohsamui14 but I have a bit of twit trouble

  13. Denice

    Happy Birthday 🙂 What a fab prize, I’ve got my everything
    crossed this would look great in my livingroom. I’m @freefan1 on
    twitter. Good luck everyone 🙂

  14. Cheryl Pirie-Warsop

    wow I’d love to win this and Happy Birthday. twitter name is funkycat06

  15. feefeegabor

    Happy Birthday! Thanks for the great comp! My twitter name is @feefeegabor

  16. julie henderson

    cant wait to see him live at concert with take that

    following @leiajulie

  17. Jade

    I would LOVE to win this, would be just in time for my
    birthday!! @jaderoberts91


    I have the perfect spot in my house waiting for Robbie…
    and this picture! @MummyLovesElmo x

  19. Kirsty Caffrey

    Wow love it…. what a fab print!!! Happy Birthday to you

  20. simone lee



    amazing piece of art, Id love it in my house FOllowing on
    twitter (Karen2105)

  22. Phil D

    Who’s union flag knickers is Robbie Holding up? Loving the
    print – @philibaldi

  23. lorna garratt

    FAN X

  24. Craig Johnson

    Happy Birthday Splodz Blogz , if Andy Warhol had been here
    he would have painted Robbie

  25. Craig Johnson

    Happy Birthday Splodz Blogz , if Andy Warhol had been here
    he would have painted Robbie twitter, ferguson14

  26. layla fletcher

    Brill prize for a robbie.take that fan. Follow on twitter

  27. Jay

    Just bought a massive union jack print on canvas for my
    kitchen – this would go brilliantly! Am following @CameoArt on
    Twitter Many congrats on your blogiversary Zoe xx

  28. Amanda Allanach

    Happy birthday Splodz Blog! This canvas rocks – lovely
    piece of Pop Art! @SammyTheFace

  29. Divadee

    @divadee007 ooooo this has red in it and would match my new hallway scheme. Hope I win. Xxxx

  30. Brita Bevis

    Hiya fellow Sleafordian! 🙂
    Many congrats on Splodz Blogz’ first birthday!
    And what can I say about the prize that hasn’t already been said – other than how very nice it would be to win it!
    Best wishes
    I am following you and @CameoArt as @muskrat16

  31. sue frodsham

    Wow what a fab prize, don’t think the hubby will be too pleased when i put the canvas at the end of my bed 😉
    Following @cameoart as @susie1979uk

  32. Jacqueline Petty

    Great prize, fantastic artwork, good luck everyone!
    @Winjackie1 twitter

  33. Ruth Tesdale

    Happy Birthday I love the picture following @CameoArt as

  34. cathyjam

    happy birthday to your blog i love reading it and you
    encourage me to start a blog too# and I LOooooooooovvvvvveeee
    robbie xx

  35. @sophia_kearney

    i love robbie! this art is amazing! thanks for sharing! @sophia_kearney

  36. Maria Knight

    “Let me entertain you”………..let this canvas entertain me!! @mariajknight

  37. amy hobbs

    Have loved Robbie From the take that days! Would be a fab piece to have on my bedroom wall! @hobbsamy2



    fantastic piece of artwork… it!!

  39. Gwen Paterson

    Love reading about your adventure’s and love all your
    photos Gwen xx Falkirkgal

  40. Jacqueline Pye

    What a wonderful picture Ms Splodz! Are his eyes really
    that colour? I always wanted mine like that – have considered azure
    blue contact lenses, but, naaah. Thanks for setting up the comp.

  41. Russell Turner


    Shame its not a competition where participants have to say why they deserve to win the painting!

    Several years ago I was on holiday in Turkey with my then pregnant girlfriend. As she was taken her customary afternoon nap I went for a stroll along the beach. I decided to stop off for a few beers in a local taverna and was invited to meet the owner’s family.

    That evening at the invitation of the owner we returned to enjoy dinner as his guests. He joined us for coffee and several brandies and then told my girlfriend I bore an uncanny resemblance to Robbie Williams. I did not see it myself but who was I to argue with the hospitable owner until it became clear he was not referring to the cheeky “Take That” chappy but chunky Robin Williams of “Good Morning, Vietnam”!

  42. Ruth Worthington

    Sometimes life gets you down but a bit of pop art can lift the soul

  43. Vanessa

    What a fab competition, thank you for running it! The painting is really cool.

  44. Sally W

    I would love to win Robbie, however, i’ll be nearly as
    happy with this fantastic picture. @mselts

  45. Stuart Osborne

    I would have a very happy wife if I won this. She’s a big
    fan; we went to see him at Knebworth, except we didn’t – we were so
    far at the back we couldn’t see either the stage or a screen
    & then we sat in the car park till 0230h waiting to be let
    out and got home at about 0500h as the sun was rising! She’s still
    glad we went though – sounded good. @ossiesheep

  46. emma holder

    oh i love Robbie ,the art work is absolutely gorgeous x
    follwoing and retweeting @emmajane30

  47. Natelle Cooper

    Utterly fab piece and great blog following on twitter now
    @nuttynel fingers crossed xxxxxx

  48. mandy eakins

    I love Robbie – its obviously an hrt thing!!! I’ve a spot
    above my bed just waiting for it!!! please – make a menopausal
    woman very happy!!! @ustupidwoman


    omg, what a perfect print, its my birthday soon, if i won i would have it on my bedroom wall so i can wake up with robbie every morning <3

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