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So in a few weeks time (four weeks on Sunday, to be precise) I’m going on my first ever ski trip.  Yes I’ve waited til I was 30 to go skiing – but I can’t wait.

I have my jacket and some saloupettes, ski socks and gloves. Oh and I got some thermals for Christmas so I should be toasty warm. The main thing left on the shopping list is goggles.

Now I’m told that you only really wear goggles if you ski when the snow is falling – at other times sunglasses are enough (although I do need to get a glasses strap thing so I don’t lose them if they fall off).  But as the snow is likely to fall at least one day on my holiday I do need to get some. 

I’ve been looking and looking for ages.  Today I tried on loads of pairs – different brands, different colours, different shapes, different prices.  And I don’t like a single pair.  I look ridiculous.


Techo Pro Goggles

Uvex Goggles

It’s been suggested I buy “junior” goggles instead of adult ones coz they’re smaller, but I’m a bit worried that they won’t allow the field of vision I need and that the strap might be too small/tight.  The two pairs above are adult ones.  I’ve also been looking a lot online, but I just can’t tell what will look ok and what won’t.

So basically I need a pair of ski goggles.  I want a decent pair that look good.  But I also want to spend as little money as possible – like £25 or less.  Not asking for much am I?!

Any skiers/snowboarders out there who can offer advice?  As in just tell me what to buy – and where I can go to try them on before I part with my cash?

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  1. phyllis ellett

    Been skiing in Italy (Dolimites), its bloody warm above the
    clouds, and the snow is not English snow, its plain flour, just
    fall off you. When you got all your kit on and some local passes
    you in a bikini, then you will realise why we are British. Good
    luck xxx

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