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You all know that I’m signed up to do the City of Lincoln 10km Road Race in 2011 (read my blog post HERE).

Well the training has started… it started on Sunday 2nd January to be exact.  That week I ran 1.5 miles three times, and this week I’m running 2.8 miles three times (did it on Monday and Wednesday, third time is today).  Next week the distance will increase again… to about 3.5 miles or there abouts.  I’m using Runkeeper to track my distance and time so I can see how things are going online, a very useful iPhone app if you don’t already use it.

Lincoln 10k 2010

But it’s hard. My stamina is pretty rubbish at the moment and I’m desperate to get my distance up so I can concentrate on my time – it’s the year I’m gonna manage the sub-60 minute mark after all!!  It’s 11 weeks on Sunday so there is still plenty of time but I am finding my lack of pace and distance frustrating.

I’ve got lots of support from family and friends – congratulating me on my training runs, asking me when I’m going for a jog, maybe even making me feel like I should be going for a jog when I’ve told them I’m not.  It’s all very helpful – please keep doing it!

What has stuck in my mind is a long conversation I had with a couple of friends the other day about fitness in general.  To me, fitness is really important.  I am desperate to be fit.  I want to be one of those people who has a toned body not through denying myself the things I love, but because I work out, and enjoy it.  I want to climb Ben Nevis, do the three peaks, cycle major distances, complete one of those massive charity treks – just because I can and want to.  And that is why I am putting myself through the 10k, because I need a short term goal to get myself into a routine.

British 10k

So… while the training is hard and right now I hate running… I have signed up to another 10k Road Race.  The British 10k is in London, starting in Hyde Park Corner and using some of the Marathon route for London 2012.  It’s in July so a few months after the Lincoln one – the idea being to keep me running even after I’ve completed the 10k I’m currently working towards.  I love the idea of running through London too with thousands of other people, I imagine the atmosphere will be amazing.

I think I must be mad but bring it on!  If you have any hints/tips/suggestions for my training then please let me know.

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