Year in Photos (18 Jan 11)

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This evening I joined a netball club.  Yes I did!  One has been set up at work and after a taster session during “healthy week” last year I was really pleased it has been.  I remember playing and enjoying it at school.

I don’t, however, remember it being quite so exhausting.  I mean, yesterday I ran over 4 miles and while I was worn out at the end it was nothing like today.  Netball is sprinting, stopping, sprinting, stopping – my body just wasn’t ready for it!  And I played Centre too which of all the positions is the one that runs around the most.

But anyway, it was lots of fun and good exercise, and I’ll be going back next week.  My legs ache now though!!

Tuesday 18th January 2011
Tuesday 18th January 2011

18/01/11: Running on Monday and netball on Tuesday makes my feet ache

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