Sweet Junkie

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I do like a company that sells sweets – who doesn’t?!  Well maybe dentists but maybe they shouldn’t read this post…

I had a lovely present in the post last week.  The white box had a familiar sticker on it… I was very happy to receive a selection of sweets from Sweet Junkie.

Sweet Junkie Box

Sweet Junkie

The box was a sample box of ten of the sweet treats Sweet Junkie offer its customers – a variety of traditional and retro sweets available loose in 100g/200g or more bag sizes.  I received my present at work and knew immediately what it was – should I open it in the office… yes I should!

Sweet Junkie Sweet Delivery

As I opened the lid my eyes opened wide… a gorgeous sweet looking pink sugar mouse. Mmmmmm. I hid that quick – there was just one and there was no way I was sharing!  Tucked next to that was a little bag of blackcurrant millions – I’d never had this flavour but the sweet I know I love – just like pips but chewy.  So before anyone else could see (or steal) my little pile of sweetness I shut the lid and popped it in my bag for proper investigation at home.

Later that evening, after dinner of course (my mum taught me well!), I had a proper look at what was inside.  There were ten little clear plastic bags with a lovely selection of sweets.  This is what was inside:

The selection reminded me of what I used to get in Benji’s in Canterbury, a lovely traditional sweet shop on the High Street and one that I had to walk past on my way home from School – very dangerous for someone who likes her candy so much!

Sweet Junkie - The Sweet Selection

I sat and ate the millions one evening and the sugar mouse the next, both by myself without even a second thought for anyone else – er well they were MY sweets!  The sugar mouse was hard and lasted ages, just perfect.  And the millions had a really juicy strong flavour, I enjoyed the blackcurrant very much.

The rest of the sweets I thought I’d share… so I took some to work and shared others with family.  My colleagues in the office didn’t take long to help me with the selection I left on the “sharing table”… the wrapped peppermint creams, liquorice swirls and toffees being the most popular.  The aniseed balls and fruit drops also went down very well… to be honest I think we could have eaten many (many) more of each variety.

The mint imperials are something I remember from restaurants when I was little (the sweetie dish by the till), and they are a favourite of my sister who assured me these ones were exactly as they should be!

I have to say the sweet from the selection that surprised me the most were the apple bon bons.  They had a lovely fresh flavour, not too strong.  Like with the millions I have had bon bons many times before, but never this particular flavour – they were really good and long lasting.

But my favourite of all the sweets I tried were the raspberry and kiwi ones.  I’ve had rhubarb and custard sweets and pear drops, and these ones reminded me of both of those.  They had a rough texture (which I liked) and a lot of flavour.  Being hard candy they were also very long lasting in the mouth.  This is one traditional sweet I will definitely be buying again, and will happily recommend to everyone.

Actually, talking of recommendations there wasn’t a sweet in my selection box that I wouldn’t recommend.  Even the sugar free aniseed twists did the trick (maybe the dentists won’t mind those too much?).

Sweet Junkie Millions

Looking around the Sweet Junkie website for someone like me with such a love of sweets is something you shouldn’t do when you’re hungry.  There is so much choice, from sherbert pips to refreshers and Edingburgh rock to coconut mushrooms.  Yum yum!

Thanks very much to Sweet Junkie for sending me a few examples of your wares for Splodz Blogz…

Fancy a treat yourself?  Go take a look.

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