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I have fine blonde hair which needs washing daily.  In fact sometimes it even needs washing again before a night out.  It’s a right pain.  And as a result I’ve been an avid user of Batiste dry shampoo for a long time.  It’s great for refreshing my hair between washes – perfect when I get home from work but am planning on a trip to a restaurant and don’t have time to start all over again.

Batiste recently brought out a new flavour (there are many scents in the range now, but I’m still in the “original is best” camp) – Brit.  It’s supposed to have a “quintessentially British fragrance”.  I wasn’t sure what that was so was pleased when I received a can from Batiste to test and share my thoughts with Splodz Blogz readers.

Batiste Brit Can

The product itself is exactly the same as the original, as you would expect, but with a different smell.  I’m not sure where to place the scent – but it’s subtle (I really don’t like overpowering shampoo smells because they get in the way of the perfume I choose to wear) and pleasant.  A British smell?  I don’t know… I wonder what it’s supposed to include?  I can’t really work it out.  I’m not sure it reminds me of Britain – maybe if I’d been away for a couple of weeks it would remind me of home?  Not sure.

The new can is only available in Superdrug, and when I looked earlier today it was priced at £2.99 in my local store against £2.13 for the original scent.

Using Batiste dry shampoo is really easy.  This is what my hair looked like this morning (washed yesterday morning):

Before Batiste

You can see it’s flat and slightly greasy (I admit it!). This is about 24 hours after I washed and blow dried it.  After I took that pic I used Batiste in the usual way – shake can, spray into roots keeping can about 30cm from head, massage using fingers, wait a minute, brush – and then took this pic:

After Batiste

Obviously I have not styled my hair at all but you can see it’s got more volume, is less greasy, and I could manage with it like this for the day.

I find Batiste particularly good if I want to put my hair up the day after I’ve washed it… my hair is easier styled into a ponytail or whatever the day after I’ve washed it, but my roots just need a refresh, which the dry shampoo provides.

I always have a can of Batiste in the bathroom cupboard for when everything is a rush.  It’s also good for combatting helmet hair when I’ve been on the motorbike (the travel sized cans are perfect for my bag), for camping trips (hair washing in cold water has never been a happy experience) and even to keep in my drawer at work for when I get caught in the grotty British weather at lunch time and have an important meeting to go to in the afternoon (maybe that’s what the Brit can is for??!).

Batiste Cans

And now I’ve tried the Brit can I might be more inclined to try some of the other “flavours” I’ve steered clear from in the past.  There’s a tropical one – I wonder if that might remind me of summer time which seems ever-so far away at the moment?

Batiste Colours

Very recently Batiste have brought out a coloured range for all hair colours (light and blonde hair; medium and brunette hair and dark and deep brown hair) – I looked in my local Superdrug and Boots earlier today but they don’t have the lightest one in stock yet, but as soon as they do I’ll bring you my thoughts on that one too.

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