mypure Review – Alva Crystal-Deo Spray

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I picked this to test for mypure because I’ve never used a pump spray deodorant before.  This is the Alva Crystal Deodorant Intensive Pump Spray.

Alva Crystal Deodorant Intensive Pump Spray

£8.50 for 75ml

On the mypure website it states that this deodorant offers 24 hour protection with no white marks and no scent. And while I don’t see the point of a 24 hour deodorant (surely you wash before bed anyway?) I did find that this spray did it’s job well enough.

Alva Crystal Deodorant Intensive Pump Spray

This natural deodorant is meant for strong perspiration, and I admit that after a run (when I am very VERY sweaty… nice!) I was not concerned with any odour.  Thank you Alva! And for normal everyday use it did the trick too.

It’s alcohol and aluminium free, and contains himalayan crystal salt which is very good for the underarm skin.

The most important thing about using this sort of deodorant, I think though, is the fact that it’s not a can under compression – much better for the environment.  Although it’s a shame that it costs so much more than the Sure I normally use.

Alva Crystal Deodorant Intensive Pump Spray

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