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Nakd Bars

The first thing I do when I receive something to review is look at the packaging.  Obviously.  And on the three Nakd bars I received last week I noticed this little paragraph:

Want to look better, feel better and help the world?  Replace over-processed foods with nourishing, raw wholefoods and get ready to be happy.  This satisfying slice of simple goodness is a great place to start.  Hope you love it as much as we do!  Nature is nicer.

Nakd Bars

Well then.  That’s quite a claim.  And it goes with my attitude recently of wanting to try and eat more food that I’ve prepared and cooked from scratch at home, do more exercise, and generally look after my body better.  Not that I abuse my body too much (most of the time!), but you know what I mean.

AND… when I chatted to Nakd about doing this review they talked about how these bars are full of natural energy and that would help with my running.  Okay then!

I was sent three bars – one in each of Cocoa Delight, Cocoa Mint and Berry Delight.  They seemed quite small at first but when I compared size to the Frusli bars and others that I normally go for it turned out they were the same.  Looking at the ingredients of each one I wasn’t inspired – mainly because I would never pick dates as a fruit to eat and enjoy, but I didn’t let that put me off.

Nakd Bars

The bars are dark in colour and look like, well, mashed up dark fruit moulded into a solid bar shape.  They don’t look particularly appetising.  It’s basically roughage I think – fruit, nuts – all very good for your insides and your energy levels, but perhaps don’t dwell on the physical appearance!

Now the flavour, which let’s face it is the most important thing, is good.  I was impressed.  I found the bars to be quite heavy so small bites was the name of the game (made each bar last much longer than a Snickers would!).  When I took smaller bites the flavour seemed to come through more – I guess it’s all about savouring the mix of fruits and nuts.  My favourite of the three was the Cocoa Mint, which surprised me as I would normally always put fruit flavours over chocolate, although the Berry Delight one came a very close second.  The mint in the Cocoa Mint one came through more and more as I ate the bar – like a subtle flavour that was built on rather than a really polo mint flavour from the start.  The Cocoa Delight one came in last, it’s the one I wouldn’t buy, but it was ok – nothing particulatly horrible about it, just not my thing.

Nakd Bars

As for my energy levels, well I’ve been so tired this week I’m not really sure if they’ve helped.  I did find them quite filling – perfect for a mid-morning snack instead of a biscuit, helping me make it to lunch without being too bad!

You can find out more about Nakd on their website here –  I’ve seen these bars for sale in Newsagents and other shops around me so I’m sure you’ll find them in a shop near you.  Go try something different and good for you!

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