Coloured Batiste

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A couple of weeks ago Batiste sent me a can of each of their new coloured dry shampoo range to test and tell Splodz Blogz readers what I thought.  As you know, I am a fan of dry shampoo anyway, and at the end of my last blog post about Batiste I said I was interested in trying this new sort.

Batiste Colours

As I  have blonde hair I kept the lightest shade and gave the light and dark brown cans I was sent to two followers on Twitter.

Dark Brown

Judy (@jparslow1965) tested this one and said:

I left my hair for a few days to see the benefits of this product. I sprayed it a few times and found no difference at all in the way my hair was looking, after a few hours i also found that my hair was itching a lot!!!! So had to wash out  very quickly!!! Sorry not the product for me!!!!

Light Brown

Corrine (@cshimmon) tried the light brown one for me and said:

I’ve used Batiste Tropical Dry Shampoo before, and found that I don’t get on very well with it as it left my hair looking grey and didn’t really make it easier to style, so when Zoe asked for someone to review this product, I thought it would be good to try one that’s more specific to my hair colour, then I’d see if it was just that one that didn’t agree me or if me and dry shampoo will just never get on!

The first thing I found when I tried this one is that as it is coloured brown, you need to be careful not to get it on your skin or clothes! I didn’t find that it was much easier to style- the bit of hair sitting in a strange place was still in a strange place, but maybe that’s just my hair! But on the other hand, it definitely looked cleaner, less greasy and the brown tint to it made my hair look a more even colour.  All in all, I think it’s a product I would keep in for emergencies, but I’m not sure I would use it on a regular basis.


My two testers have different opinions – one hates it, one thinks it does the job nicely.  So when I went off to London for an event I popped the can of blonde Batiste in my bag with the intention of using it to refresh my hair after the journey and before the event.  When I tested it my hair wasn’t greasy (didn’t need a wash), but it did need something doing to it so I felt like I was ready for the evening.  I used this as I use the normal dry shampoo and was initially surprised at the colour.  The original Batiste does give your hair a bit of a white tinge to start with (because it’s talc based), which disappears when you brush, but this of course was blonde instead.  Just look at it on my (new Denon D3 red leopard print) brush after going once through my hair…

Coloured Batiste on my Brush

After brushing my hair looked great (I thought so anyway – I know I wasn’t looking amazing or anything!).  The coloured Batiste gave my hair a tone I liked and lasted all evening with no problems.  My hair is already light blonde so while it didn’t make a massive difference to the colour it did brighten it up and even it out.

Coloured Batiste - My Hair

Coloured Batiste - My Hair

(Sorry about the blurred pics and tired looking face, I was rushing to get myself sorted before leaving for my event!)

I have tried it a few times now and am impressed with the colour.  While I don’t think the coloured version will replace my supply of dry shampoo at home, it is definitely a useful addition to the collection.  I can imaging using it before going out or if I fancy brightening up your my for an occasion without doing anything more permanent.  I really hope they bring out a travel sized can so I can pop one in my make-up bag.

Oh – I would say, this is blonde, there is no doubt.  If your hair is much darker than mine perhaps you should try the light brown one?  Just go careful on the colour tin you get!

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