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You all know the origins of Splodz Blogz – I started it over a year ago to give me somewhere to post my Year in Photos project and also to get back into writing again.  I am learning, though, that I am now a “blogger” and Splodz Blogz is seen, by some at least, as a decent blog.  I mean, companies are willing to send me products to review, visitors comment on my posts, and people are linking to Splodz Blogz on their blogs and other websites.  Wow.

I’ve not really seen myself as a “Blogger” until recently.  I was talking to some people the other day about social media and blogging.  At that time I could do nothing but say “oh yes I have a blog” and when asked was able to say that I blog most days and at the moment am getting above 100 views a day.  I was surprised that they were impressed!  One said “oh you’re a Blogger are you?” – ha!

As the conversation progressed we agreed that bloggers are generally “normal” people (what is normal?!).  Like me, most bloggers have day jobs and hectic lives away from the computer, blog because they enjoy writing and have something to write about – either one topic or many, and are surprised that their blog is read by lots of people.  There are very few blogs that make money (The Huffington Post is a massive exception), but blogs are fast becoming the place where people go to find reviews, trends, news, information and to just read what other people have to say.  Blogs are becoming very influential – companies have blogger programmes, PR firms have bloggers on their distribution lists – blogging is taking over!

Apart from that conversation, this week I have been asked many blogging questions by others with blogs – like people thought I knew what I was doing.  Ha!  And of course on Monday night The Gadget Show featured the idea of using blogs to make money through advertising and selling wares.  Everyone is talking about blogging.

I’m lucky that through my blog I have been able to start reviewing beauty products, books and other things.  I’m enjoying the challenge of writing and sharing what I have to say on different topics from fashion to gadgets and everything inbetween.  But Splodz Blogz is far from being a successful or influential blog – that would be amazing.

So here’s some questions for you…

  • Are you a blogger?  If so, what are your blogging tips and tricks?  Where do you look for inspiration?
  • What blogs do you subscribe to?  Why?
  • What makes you read a blog post?
  • Do you prefer blogs with their own domains and design?  Should I be moving Splodz Blogz to it’s own domain and design my own site?
  • And of course as always… What would you like to see on Splodz Blogz?  What products/services would you like to read about?  What topics should I be writing about?

…answers in the comments box below please!

So… my name is Zoe and I am a Blogger.  Thanks to everyone who reads my blog – I hope you enjoy it and I hope I can keep you interested.  You never know, one day Splodz Blogz might be a more widely known blog that has… er… influence!!

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  1. Louise strachan

    Hi i’m Louise and i have been blogging since October last year! I started it as a place to put things such as idea’s photo before I forgot them and something for my son to look back on as a virtual snapshot of his life but it has evolved to so much more,,,,

    I try and read blog posts relevant to me but the title is the first thing – see I read yours and I am glad I did

  2. gingerchick633

    Hey Zoe, had to reply to say my blog is only a few months old, but one of my inspirations was your blog! After seeing you post a photo a day all last year, and keeping it going this year, has been fab. My blog is just me waffling, probably not many people read it, but i’m having fun lately with the ‘silent sunday’ posts.
    And i’m doing a ‘post a week’ challenge. Dont think I could be as good as you doing a post a day!
    Anyway, here’s to many more blogging posts, all interesting whatever they may be about.

    • Splodz

      Oh wow an inspiration… what a lovely thing to say x
      Keep up the good work with your blog (and I read your posts!) 🙂

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