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Ok ok it’s no secret, especially to Splodz Blogz readers, I admit it… I am addicted to shoes.  I can’t help it.  If I had money then I would have even more pairs of loveliness, and I often hunt online and on the high street to see what I would do should that ever happen – what pair would I buy next?

While I’m not a girly girl there is something about the range by Kandee Shoes that grabs my attention and says “YOU NEED ME IN YOUR LIFE“.  And before you ask, it’s nothing to do with the flying saucer background on their website – mmmm flying saucers (anyone got any flying saucers?!)!

Kandee Shoes

It seems that there is one thing Kandee Shoes wants… to make incredibly striking shoes.  Just look at these – they are the Lime Sours – the colour is just awesome and they are way high!!

Kandee Shoes - Lime Sours

They come in this lime as well as orange, raspberry and lemon – the colours of sugar – yum yum!!  The colours alone makes me want a pair – but the classic court shoe shape has just the right proportions.  I’ve absolutely no idea what I would wear these with or to – but if I had them I’d find an outfit and a reason!

Kandee are also promoting these Peanut Crunch sandals.  They are in the same material as some boots they had out for the winter, there is no doubt that you’d be noticed in these!  And is it just me or do they actually look comfy?!

Kandee Shoes - Peanut Crunch

Even their plain black court shoes tower above anything I’ve ever worn before – just look at the heel on these!

Kandee Shoes - Black Jacks

I guess, though, that most people wouldn’t dream of wearing these as daywear.  How about these really cute ballet pumps with fabulous yellow sole (or blue or pink if you prefer) instead?  They might not be skyscraper heels but teamed with a cute skirt and top these would surely be a work wardrobe staple?  And at the moment these are just £17.25… er why haven’t I already ordered a pair?!

Kandee Shoes - Yellow Liquorice Allsoles

Kandee Shoes make shoes to lust after, and I do!  They make me wish that a) I had the money to be frivolous and just buy something because it stood out to me and made me go wow, and b) that I had opportunity to wear such creations.  One day.  Definitely one day.

I have written this post as my entry into the Kandee Shoes blog competition – a girl has gotta try and win shoes!   If you have a blog and want to enter the details are on the Kandee Shoes Twitter feed.

  1. Andrea

    They are great to look at but the service is incredibly poor and i didnt recieve my shoes until after a month of purchasing. They had faulty zips and tassles and they will not refund me. Said they will send me another pair as a gift of inconvenience but still havnt! Still chasing them and really stressed!
    Not happy at all!

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