Year in Photos (12 Mar 11)

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This is my letterbox flap.  It should, of course, be attached to the outside of my door.  However at some point on Thursday it came unattached, as when we got home from work it was on the garden, with none of the fixings to be found.  Ugh.  Very annoying… but thankfully I’ve found a company that will deliver me a new letterbox on Monday.  You can’t just by the flap though, oh no, not this size – you have to buy the whole letter box.  Ugh again.  At least it’s not expensice, and seems easy enough to fit.  I have my idea of what may have happened…!

Saturday 12th March 2011
Saturday 12th March 2011

12/03/11: One letterbox flap no longer doing it’s job

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