Tara Smith Haircare

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I have been testing some of the new Tara Smith haircare range over the last week or so.

Tara Smith

This is a new range combining the professional expertise and professional performance of high end haircare, with natural and organic ingredients and no harsh chemicals.

“It was important to me to develop a salon-quality product line based on natural plant ingredients and accessible to everyone at a realistic price tag. I have made sure my products are as natural as they can be without having to keep them in the fridge because I believe that what we put on our body is as important as what we put in it.”  Tara Smith

There are a variety of shampoos and conditioners for different hair types.  I, of course, went for the “Straight Away” for my long blonde straight hair.

Tara Smith

Straight Away Shampoo – 100ml £3.75 & 250ml £6.50

For squeaky clean sleek and shiny hair with Ginkgo Biloba extract. Ginkgo Biloba has long been taken internally for its anti stress properties and in this shampoo it is combined with Marine Algae extract to moisturise and condition dry and damaged hair.

Straight Away Conditioner – 100ml £3.75 & 250ml £6.50

For manageable sleek and shiny hair with Wheat protein. A combination of Marine Algae extract to soften the hair and make it easy to comb and Wheat, Corn and Soy proteins to bind moisture to the hair shaft and improve gloss and vitality.

First of all… aren’t these just the cutest bottles around?! I love them. And the yellow is like sunshine.  I know, little things, but when you open an envelope and the product inside makes you smile because of the design, that’s good product design!

Tara Smith

I’ve used the shampoo and conditioner for about a week, expecting good things based on the descriptions above.  Between them they are designed to give shiny, straight hair as well as condition, moisturise and repair my hair.

One of the criticisms I’ve had in the past of organic professional level shampoos is that they’ve been runny and don’t go very far – making them an even more expensive choice than you might think.  But not with this Tara Smith duo.  The shampoo was light and left my hair completely clean, and the conditioner was thick and nourishing.  I was more than happy leaving my hair to dry naturally as it looked light and bright, and after blow drying it had that shine I was hoping for.

Tara Smith

I have also been using the Top Coat Glosser (£8.99) which is supposed to add shine and also give a light fragrance of Sweet Orange in the process.  This finishing spray is just brilliant – it acts like a really light hairspray, but feels much nicer than the stuff you get in a can, and did indeed give my hair a nice shine – perfect for when I wanted to make extra effort (although I’m not sure how often I would actually make that extra effort – I’m normally more than happy with my hair sat long and straight as  it is naturally).

Tara Smith

Tara Smith Haircare is available from Cult Beauty.  You can also read more about Tara Smith on her website.

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