Super Moon

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The moon is supposed to be the closest to the earth it’s been in 20 years tonight… did you notice a difference? Any strange goings on?!!

The Guardian said:

Clear skies will reveal a “super moon” phenomenon on Saturday as the moon reaches its closest point to the Earth for almost two decades. Stargazers will be hoping to see a bigger and brighter moon than normal as it reaches the closest point to the Earth since 1992. But experts say that people will need to look very closely to spot the 0.3% difference. It is the first time since 19 January 1992 that the moon has come into such close proximity to the Earth. This type of full moon tends to bring a range of high and low tides, but experts said yesterday that there was nothing to worry about.


Well it was a good excuse for me, like every other owner of a decent camera, to go out into the garden and attempt to get a shot.  This was my effort just after 9pm using my Sigma SD14.  Not anywhere near as good/clear as many of the ones I’ve already seen, but I’m ok with my quick shot.  I really should use my DSLR more!

Super Moon

(And if you think this pic is good enough to copy and paste somewhere else, please don’t until you’ve asked me first)

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