Post-it Removable Label Pads

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Lists lists lists… I need a list for everything… and as a result I love Post-it Notes!

Recently I discovered Post-it Removable Labels (thanks to a free sample from their website) – and I like.  Apart from anything they sent me green – the perfect colour choice!!

Post-it Labels

The main difference between Post-it Notes and Post-it Labels is the amount of sticky on them.  Whereas Post-its have a small line of sticky at the top of each note, allowing you to apply and remove them really easily, the labels are mostly sticky with a small line at one end which is used to get hold of to remove them.

Post-it Labels

They have been designed to help you organise things that need re-labelling often – like files, bins, cabinets, cupboards etc which change use regularly.  They are perfect for organising things at home or the office, because they are so easy to remove and reapply as you need to – leaving no trace.  Maybe you use plastic food boxes to freeze leftovers – use a Post-it Label to note what the meal is and when it was frozen.

Post-it Labels

And if you want to leave it on for a while, that narrow “unsticky” part is perforated so you can tear it off easily – although the use of a finger nail in the corner of the label will still allow you to take it off.

While Post-it Labels aren’t supposed to replace Post-it Notes I can see that in future I might choose these over the originals, mainly because they seem more likely to stay where I want them for longer.

To get your own free sample go to the Post-it Labels website and click on “free sample” at the top.

  1. Shelly

    Thanks for the freebie link, like you said these would be perfect for labelling freezer boxes 🙂

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