iPad2 – My New Toy

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After the slight disappointment of Friday when I was the first person in the queue at Comet not to go home with a new iPad, today was the day for me. Comet had promised that I would have my iPad today – just four days after launch, because they had stock in their warehouse.

I had a doubt in my mind I have to say, mainly because of the four week wait from Apple. I was expecting to get there at lunch time today to find they hadn’t managed to get one. But Comet did just as they said – I got a call around 10am to say it was in and I couldn’t wait to go and fetch it.


Once I’ve played some more I’ll post again here on Splodz Blogz. First impressions though are good. And so far I love it! I’ve registered it and downloaded some apps etc. The size and shape is just right, typing on the keyboard is really easy (makes my iPhone feel small!), and it been very easy to set up. I’m glad I got the smart cover too – it was really easy to fit, protects the screen (the iPad goes to sleep automatically when you put the cover across the screen), and helps the iPad sit at the perfect angle for typing.


So it turned out that I made the right choice about going to Comet on Friday. Thanks Comet!!

All app suggestions gratefully received 🙂

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