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I had a very nice surprise recently when a friend of mine awarded me a “Stylish Blogger Award“.  And no – I didn’t know what one was until I’d been awarded it either!

Stylish Blogger

Catherine has recently, in the last year or so, started to follow her dream of writing.  Since really going for her goals and is already being successful.  She is someone I admire – because she has really gone for what she wants, putting all her efforts into it and making it work for her.  I wish her every success with her writing, and can’t wait to read her first novel (which I know is there in draft form already)!

I’m told that as part of the deal with a Stylish Blogger Award I have to do two things – nominate seven other blogs to receive the award and also tell you seven interesting things you may not know about me.  Er… seven interesting things?  Ok so that is the reason it’s taken me a good few days to post about this – I’ve been thinking hard about what to tell you all!!

  1. My favourite colour is green.  I especially like to paint my toe nails with Barry M Lime Green in the summer, it’s a happy colour for my feet to be.
  2. If I had the time and money to properly take up and compete in any water sport it would be jet skiing.  I’d want to be good at the racing and the tricks.  I could so live that lifestyle!  If I had the time but less money it would be surfing.
  3. I love Winnie the Pooh… “bear of very little brain”.
  4. I have worn glasses since I was nine months old (now only for reading and computer work), and had several eye operations when I was a child, to help with problems with my left eye.  I can’t see much out of my left eye, but thanks to the doctors at Moorfields Eye Hospital, London and the Plymouth Royal Eye Infirmary, I have the best sight I could hope for and only notice it when I’m tired.
  5. When I was young I couldn’t decide between sport, music, drama or academic study.   So I did everything, which meant I had loads of stuff on but never got really good at anything.  If I could be a teenager again I’d tell myself to choose one thing and concentrate on it… although then I wouldn’t have had so many different experiences, all of which make me who I am now.
  6. I am going to be a God-mum in June… good friends Mark and Bec are having a girl and my husband and I have been asked to be God-parents.  How exciting!
  7. I still haven’t used my fish pedicure voucher my other half gave me for Christmas. I’m not scared or worried about it, I just haven’t got myself organised yet.  It’s the Lincoln 10k on Sunday, I should get it booked in next week.  I’ve just put it in my diary for Tueaday…!

The seven blogs I’d like to nominate to be my recipients of a Stylish Blogger Award, along with what they say about themselves, are:

The Beauty and the Feast

Here you will find delightful reviews of the latest beauty products, delicious recipes to make your tastebuds tingle and the best offers on delectable products.  Everything yummy all in one place!

Dragons and Fairy Dust

My name is Alison and I am married with one son, aged ten.  I live in Newcastle and love to enter competitions, read books and try out new products. I am also a techy geek who loves gadgets. I am also mad about dragons and have collected them for a long time.  This is my blog, which will be a bit about everything. I hope you enjoy it.

Geek Speak

My name is Chris. I’m 30-something, married, with two young children. I’m mad on new technology (especially Apple), sci-fi (especially Doctor Who) and motorsport. I tend to post on a whole load of random stuff, purely because my interests are so wide!  Geek-speak is about all the stuff that interests me, from television, to technology, to whatever else happens to be on my mind on any particular day. One day it’ll be games, another it’ll be tech, perhaps even cars! Enjoy… discuss… or not. It’s entirely up to you.

Munchy’s Place

Female Gamer and total bookworm who loves perfume and handbags almost as much as LOLcats & gadgets!


“Just another outlet for someone who is good at saying a lot about nothing.”

Only Me!

I’m a 40 something (although I might add alot of people think I look younger) mum to two boys (aged 11 and 9) and long suffering wife to husband of nearly 12 years.  I am a registered general nurse working in a Cardiac Unit. I have just recently started working on the unit after having tried for a while to get on the unit. I can now actually say I love my job.

Cathyjam’s Blog

Hello all as I am approaching the big 40 I thought I would start a blog to share my hectic life and ramblings, hope you enjoy.

Thank you Catherine for my Stylish Blogger Award, a really nice thing to receive.

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  1. Catherine Miller

    Thank you for the mention, hun! A well-deserved award for helping me decide to blog and getting me onto the path of pursuing what I wanted to do in life! 🙂 x

  2. Alison

    Wow a stylish blogger award! I would like to thank all my friends and family for making this possible and of course you Zoe for making me feel I really needed a blog. 🙂 Thanks for the mention, now I need to think who to nominate in return.

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