Year in Photos (23 Apr 11)

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Another fabulously hot and sunny day here in Lincolnshire… well it started raining about 8pm but apart from that!

I spent all day today clearing out the spare room to turn it into a proper bedroom – something it’s not been for a long time!  Whilst doing this I discovered I am a hoarder… I mean take a look at these leaflets from my first trip to Florida in May 2004!!  The Sea World map (the one at the bottom) was printed on 11th May 2004 (they print a map daily with specific show times etc on) – apparently the park closed at 7pm that day!  Needless to say these have now been recycled which is why I couldn’t go back and take a less blurred shot when I realised how bad this one was – sorry!

Saturday 23rd April 2011

23/04/11: Florida 2004… memories of a hoarder

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