London 2012 Tickets – Last Chance

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They say they’re the “greatest tickets on earth”… the ballot for London 2012 tickets closes TODAY at 11.59pm – have you applied for yours yet?

London 2012

I’ve applied for a ticket for some track cycling, badminton and athletics – I’ve gone for three consecutive days as I will need to stay in London for the duration.  There were so many other events I would love to see but funds (should I be successful for all three) only stretch so far.  So I’ve gone for a mix, picked things that I would really love to see, all three including finals/medal ceremonies, and would really love to be successful in all three events.  Yes I know going for the “cheap” seats (cheap in inverted commas for a reason!) will mean I’m up in the nose bleed seats, but to just be a part of a live Olympic event would be amazing.

The way I see it, this is a once in a life time opportunity for people like me to soak up the atmosphere of the Olympics while it is on home soil.  It’s also arguably our home athlete’s best chance of success.  Whatever your thoughts on the cost, the disruption or whatever else, the Olympics being held here should be a really happy few weeks and give our country a real buzz.

And if I’m not successful in the ticket ballot?  I will be glued to the television like I am during every Olympic games, cheering the athletes on from the comfort of my living room.

Oh and if anyone involved in London 2012 wants a blogger for the games… I’m ya gal!!!  Let me know!! 🙂 🙂

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