Year in Photos (1 May 11)

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Today was one of those days that at the end, when I sat in bed collecting my thoughts before sleep, I looked back and really smiled.  It was indeed a fabulous day.  I thought I’d write that here to remind me!

We spent the day at Bletchley Park near Milton Keynes, which was the home of the “code breakers” during the Second World War (actually cipher breakers but you know what I mean!).  For a couple of geeks, especially my other half, this was a really good place to spend the day.  Not only was it the home of all the Enigma work and a working replica of the Bombe, it is also where the world’s first computer was born – Colossus – and is now where you can see a working rebuild of that computer.  They’re also currently rebuilding Witch, another very early computer.  Well worth a visit I’d say.

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Sunday 1st May 2011

01/05/11: Colossus – a working rebuild

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