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I’ve been trying my latest product from mypure for a couple of months.  Essential Epil is a “hair growth inhibitor and skin glorifier” by Acorelle.  The blurb on the box says that it reduces hair density by 80% in 56 days, indicating that hair growth is delayed and hairs are finer and fewer… leaving skin “lovelier”.

Acorelle Essential Epil

(£23.99, 75ml)

The formula contains a patented black truffle extract, recognised as a powerful hair growth inhibitor, along with protein active enzymes that deliver the active ingredients into the core of the hair shaft.  Hair regrowth is slower and hairs are fewer and finer.  In vivo tests show hair density reduced by 80% after 56 days.

How does it work?

Ten years ago in the Toulouse region of France a cosmetic chemist decided to find out why nothing grows under oak trees when there are black truffles growing in the soil.  An extract from the truffles was found to inhibit plant growth under the oak trees and it is this same extract which was later found to inhibit hair regrowth after waxing.

Acorelle Essential Epil

I tested Essential Epil on my legs, and have been shaving (my normal hair removal method) at the same time as using this product – as recommended on the packaging.  The cream, which I applied each time I shaved, is an excellent moisturiser and made my legs feel soft and smooth.  After about 6-8 weeks I am noticing a definite change in the amount of hair growth, and the hair that is growing is much finer than I’m used to.

Acorelle Essential Epil

The cream does have a scent, quite a strong one, and while it’s not unpleasant (hair removal cream is normally horrid!), it is still a bit strong for my liking.  As a result I ended up only using it in the evenings – not a massive problem but something I noticed.

I’m not sure if my legs were “glorified” by this product, but I am liking it and its effects on hair growth.  It’s something that is working slowly, but after two months I can see a difference.  It’s not a cheap or value product, but I can see myself using this instead of a normal moisturiser on my legs from now on – I’ll let you know if I start shaving less!

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