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The Apprentice is back…

I just didn’t get into it last year – I gave up after two or three episodes because the “contestants” were just sooooo annoying (especially Baggs!!).

But as usual I thought I’d give this series a go. There has been so much hype. While the format remains the same the reward is different – a 50/50 investment into a business of the winner’s choice. I wondered if this would suppress the amount of grovelling and cheesy comments, especially in the boardroom.


Oh how wrong I was!!!

The comments, phrases and cliches were incredible. The faces were smug as can be. And the stupidity in the pressure of the task and the boardroom was outstanding. I mean “vegAtable”? “Is that an orange”. Sigh.

I guess the same question comes to mind with this as with any other talent search style programmes… Why do these people put themselves forward for these shows?! I know why they are picked – it’s all about entertainment.

We don’t really know much about these arrogant self-obsessed entrepreneurs yet… I wonder how long I’ll last before I can’t bear them anymore?

Favourite quote in tonight’s episode?

“Not only am I the youngest in the team, I’m also the shortest.” Edward

He may have been rubbish at the task, but it’s a shame Lord Sugar fired the funniest one.

Add your favourite quote from this episode in the comments box below… 

  1. Moonflowers

    There were just too many quotes to mention but I particularly liked “is this an orange” whilst holding what was obviously …. an orange. Very worrying!

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