Can You Hear Me?! Broken iPhone Mic – Updated

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Yesterday I discovered that the microphone on my iPhone doesn’t work any more.  When on a call I can hear others perfectly clearly, but they can’t hear me.  Argh!


After a little investigation it appears to be a problem with one of the mics – the one that is activated during voice calls.  When using speaker-phone the iPhone switches to another mic, which is working fine.  My diagnosis?  Hardware fault.  I’m obviously no iPhone expert, but that is my belief.

I’m not the only one to have this problem.  There are just loads of forum topics, discussions and blog posts across the web suggesting people have had similar issues… right from just an hour after purchasing their iPhone4 at launch to this week having used the iPhone for months with no issues like me.

So what to do about it?

Well I can’t really make or receive calls unless I use the speaker option, so I backed up my iPhone, charged up my old-faithful-spare-Nokia and found my micro-sim adapter… oh how it pained me to do that!!

Broken iPhone - Old Nokia

Actually I haven’t managed to put my sim in the Nokia yet… I figured I’d rather not use my phone as a phone for a few hours!!

I went to my local O2 store today, the one I got my iPhone4 from originally, to ask for help.  I know from others online that have had the same problem that generally the phone gets replaced.  I also know from a friend who had a faulty silent button just last week that O2 replaced their phone immediately, so I was optimistic that they would just do that for me right away.  Nope.  There is no such support at the O2 store in Lincoln, they didn’t even look at it (or even check to see if what I said was wrong was actually wrong).  All they could offer was to send it away to be looked at (which they said was covered by the warranty), and even then they had no idea how long it would take before I had my phone (or a replacement) back.


Oh and for the record – charging a customer £25 to loan a phone, and a “basic model” at that, when the one you’ve paid for is broken, is just appalling customer service.  Why the charge?  Surely the least O2 could do if they can’t offer the required technical support in store is to offer a loan phone for free while they send the phone away?

So because I didn’t really want to send my iPhone4 away I have booked an appointment at my “local” Apple Store.  That “local” Apple Store is a 120 mile round-trip from home.  Really wish Apple would open one somewhere in Lincolnshire!  I spoke to a very helpful chap at my chosen store and am booked in for Friday.  I explained the problem to him and he said they would be able to have a look at it and decide what to do on the day.

I guess I’m stuck with my old Nokia until Friday then – I really hope Apple come good and either mend it or let me leave with a replacement.  I don’t want to be without my iPhone4 for any longer!  I’ll let you know.

UPDATE Friday 20th May

Woohoo I have a working iPhone4 again! 🙂 🙂 🙂 I took the trip to my “local” Apple Store (please please please please please please open one in Lincolnshire) for my Genius Bar appointment.  They had a look, verified the problem was indeed a hardware fault, and gave me a new handset.  And of course it was done under warranty so there was nothing to pay – well except I will need a new screen protector because mine is attached to my broken phone, and the fuel for the 120 mile trip!  That was easy!  Ok so when I got home I had to restore from backup (which took forever as it had to copy all my music across again), but at  least I now have a completely working phone again.  Thank you Apple for your good, and very friendly, customer service, other companies should look at the way you do things and follow suit.

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