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Digital cameras are absolutely brilliant, Splodz Blogz readers know I love mine.  But of course the old problem is you don’t automatically get your photographic memories as prints anymore. is a site I have recently discovered which points you to places you can get digital photos printed for free.  Free is a nice word isn’t it?  I like it anyway!  There is normally a catch though, so I took a look at the site to see what it actually offering.

Free Photo Printing

The home page appears to explain it all.  The site lists companies that are offering free prints (often through an affiliate programme with the photo printing company).  It’s quite simple – you click on the “claim” link on the home page, it takes you to the company, you sign up, upload your photos, and order your prints.

Free Photo Printing - Links

I’ve got some nice photos of the bunnies that I thought I’d test the theory out with.  So I clicked on the first link – Truprint – to get my 50 free prints.  I signed up for an account, and it appeared to log me in to Snapfish (which has listed separately with 40 free prints).  However, once I’d uploaded 50 photos (which took ages even on fast broadband), the site now told me it was my first 20 prints that would be free.  That’s not what was advertised?  I was a bit disappointed as I’d been lead to believe it would be 50.  Oh and of course delivery isn’t included – 99p for 1-50 prints.  Like I said… there is always a catch!

On to the next one.  This time I tried MyPix, which said would be 80 free photos.  This time it was spot on – 80 free 6×4 prints (or a mini photo book if you prefer), just upload your album and go.  Once again this does not include delivery, which is £2.90 for orders below £6.00.

In the majority of cases you can only get the free prints once – they are offers for new customers only.  There is also a time limit on the offer, so once you’ve signed up you need to be getting your free prints ordered within a set number of weeks/months otherwise the offer expires.  That’s not really very surprising. say they have 785 free prints available from the companies currently listed, that should make a big dent in anyone’s holiday photos.  And for me it’s not always about the cost.  I want my photo prints to be good quality too, so it’s worth checking out what photo paper the company uses and what their prints are like before ordering your masterpieces for your album.

Free Photo Printing

Free Photo Printing

The other element to the website is that it acts as a price comparison site for photo books and gifts.  If you want a mug with your child’s face on it or a bag with your pet cat staring at you then this is the place to see what the best price is.  For example, they recommend Pixum for photo stickers, but list two further sites also – Photobox from £2.49 and MyPix from £24.79.  You can also compare prices of photo prints onto canvas, which is a very popular home-accessory at the moment.  As with the prints, you need to click through to the relevant site to discover the full details of the offer and see what you are actually getting for your money, but it’s a very useful place to start.

If you’re looking for prints of your digital photos and haven’t yet used some of these companies, then is an excellent place to get some free ones.  It is definitely worth a look.  But remember that with all offers and incentives, it pays to read the small print.

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    Very useful post, thanks 🙂
    I have tons of photos which need priting & so this is def something to check out at the weekend now.

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