Nip + Fab Frown Fix

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They say this is the product that all the celebs are using…

I was lucky enough to win some Nip + Fab Frown Fix from Dragons and Fairy dust recently, and because this product seems to be the talk of the town and is out of stock everywhere I thought I’d share my thoughts here on Splodz Blogz.

Nip + Fab Frown Fix

The product claims an awful lot really.  It is described as an “instant line filler” that “smooths the appearance of expression lines, fine lines and wrinkles” as well as “hydrating and moisturising skin to leave your face smooth and instantly younger.

  • Amino acids smooth and minimise the look of expression lines
  • Purslane extract hydrates + diminishes the appearance of wrinkles
  • Centella extract  fine lines appear visibly reduced

I have recently started to notice lines and wrinkles and I don’t much like it.  I don’t want to be 30 yuk!!!  So when I won this I was desperate to give it a try.  And despite being really sceptical when it comes to anti-wrinkle type products, I was actually pleasantly surprised.

Nip + Fab Frown Fix

The brush-pen-style applicator makes putting the white liquid onto your skin easy and accurate.  It absorbs easily and doesn’t have any scent.  It has an immediate “plumping” effect which made my skin feel tighter and more hydrated, and of course most importantly my lines (which I like to think are shallow at the moment anyway!) were reduced.

The size of the pen means you can carry the Frown Fix around with you all the time, and it’s designed to apply as often as you like.  I don’t like to apply product after make-up so I only used it morning and evening, but that just means the 4ml lasts longer!

Nip + Fab Frown Fix

Actually I can’t quite believe I’m being positive about what is an anti-wrinkle cream – maybe I should go and try some of the other products I’ve avoided because I’ve just not thought the massive claims being made about them were anywhere near truth?!  You are supposed to see a more permanent reduction in wrinkles after using Frown Fix for a while, which appeals very much, although it’s a little early to tell that yet.

Nip + Fab Frown Fix costs £10.25 for 4ml direct from Nip + Fab or at Boots/Harvey Nichols (when it’s back stock, which apparently will be 14 days).

Now I’ve tried this I wanna get me some of their Tummy Fix to try… I could do with a nicer stomach!  Has anyone tried it?

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