Year in Photos (27 May 11)

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As it’s still Rabbit Awareness Week I thought you should have another photo of Chocolate today…

I brought Chocolate inside trying to find somewhere that she might pose for the camera.  I decided on the sink as a bit of a quirky location – and she did indeed sit upright and I managed to get a quick not-quite-in-focus pic on my iPhone.  The second after this shot she leaped out of the sink towards me apparently just hoping I would catch her!  I did, of course (!), and even managed to keep hold of my phone!  I think it was probably a bit cold on her feet… she does look a bit sad.

(Please note while Chocolate is indeed sat in the sink I was not giving her a wash… you shouldn’t soak bunnies all the way through as they struggle to maintain body temperature.)

Friday 27th May 2011

27/05/11: Meerkat bunny

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