mypure Review – Lovea Bio Coconut Shower Gel

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One of the two products I’ve been testing this month for mypure is the new Lovea Bio Coconut Shower Gel. I chose the coconut version of the three on offer because it’s a scent I usually like very much.

£4.99 / 200ml

Lovea Bio Coconut Shower Gel

As with all Lovea products, the Coconut Shower Gel is a certified as organic. It is described as a non-drying shower gel and is made from “gentle plant ingredients”.

Lovea Bio Coconut Shower Gel

Coconut is generally a very subtle scent and that is definitely the case here. In fact there isn’t much scent at all – good if you want to have a morning shower and then wear your favourite perfume (no scent clashes!), but not so good if you want a strong smelling shower gel. As for the non-drying claims I’d certainly agree with those – it lathers up much like Dove Body Wash (I used it with and without one of those body puffs and found it was just great when used with one) and was very nourishing.

Lovea Bio Coconut Shower Gel

I was impressed with the Lovea shower gel but am not sure whether I would buy it instead of Dove – although the organic and natural properties do make it a tempting exchange. If you want to give it a go but are not sure of the subtle coconut scent, there are two other “flavours” in the range – Guava and Monoi, which both promise to be stronger.

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