Year in Photos (3 Jun 11) – F1 Art Installation

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I went to “Mercedes-Benz World” at Brooklands this afternoon to meet up with family and friends (they’d been there all day), and was very surprised to find an excellent and free museum.  Mercede- Benz have static displays of their cars going way back, tours, and a track where you can take a ride with a Mercedes driver (you have to have your name pulled out of a hat for that one), learn to drive… you can even buy an AMG if you like…!  I wasn’t there long but one thing that I did very much enjoy was the F1 display, including an amazing art installation of an F1 car in bits suspended from wires in place, like it had exploded.  If you’re anywhere near, Mercedes-Benz World is a good visit for anyone interested in cars, and is right by Brooklands Museum itself (which isn’t free!).

I took this photo of the F1 car art installation using Photo Synth on my iPhone, a fantatic free app that takes panoramas or even 360 degree shots by stitching photos together automatically for you.  It’s very easy to use (and as someone who has spent ours stitching photos in PhotoShop before I’m loving it!).  This is an app that you really must have a play with.  The first pic is what you’re left with when you’ve used the app, the second is the cropped version and of course my Year in Photos entry for today.

Friday 3rd June 2011

Friday 3rd June 2011

03/06/11: What’s in an F1 car?

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