Olympic Torch Relay – Inspirational People Required

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As soon as I found out the Olympic Torch would be coming close to where I live, I wanted to know how to get my hands on it… I just felt immediately that taking part in the celebrations in the run up to the games would be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity (and something amazing to blog about!).

We now know that more than 8,000 people will take part in the relay around the country.  London 2012 are looking for “truly inspirational” people from across the UK to carry the Olympic Flame on the relay, which will be from 19th May to 27th July 2012.

Olympic Torch Relay

The organisers want people who have personal stories that will inspire millions of people watching the Olympic Torch Relay around the world to be a part of the event.  It’s is about celebrating ordinary people doing extraordinary things – from any walk of life, anywhere in the UK.

As you will have already seen, the route has been planned so that the Flame will come within an hour of 95% of people in the UK.  The cities and towns hosting evening celebrations are already confirmed and I’m sure your local organisations are already planning what they will be doing when the torch comes near you, they certainly are around Lincoln.

Okay, so I’m well aware I’m not what the organisers are after (which is a shame coz you know I’d love to have a go!), but I’m certain that you know someone who fits the bill perfectly.  Make the effort and give them the chance to shine!

You can find out more about the relay on the London 2012 website, or to go straight to the nomination page click here.  You have just under three weeks to make your nomination (closes 29th June).

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