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I have been finding for a while that while I really loved Chaotic Soul as a template for my wordpress.com blog, it now isn’t able to do everything I am asking of it.

So at the risk of putting anyone off who is used to the way it has looked for the last 18 months, I’ve switched over to a new theme called Mystique.  After much playing about I think I’ve got things as I want them… I’m quite pleased with my new look, and I hope you like it!

This new theme means that my posts can now be more specific – image posts, quotes, galleries etc – and should also be nice and easy to read with wider columns, larger type and bigger images.

You can also choose what sort of posts you want to see – if you’re interested in my beauty posts, for example, simply click on “beauty” under categories and you’ll just get the posts on that topic.  Likewise for “gadgets/tech”, or maybe you want to see all my Year in Photos entries in a list – just click on the relevant topic and off you go.

You’ll see links to my RSS feed, twitter and youtube at the top right, and links to my pages under the header.  I hope you can find everything!  Obviously older posts may not work entirely (mainly due to the change from a dark to a light background meaning the text colour may not always be spot on) – if you come across any problems reading please let me know and I’ll get them sorted.

Things may well change a little more in the next few days as I really find my feet with all the settings for the new theme, so please bear with me.  Oh and, as always, if you have comments/suggestions to make please use the comment box below of my contact form and let me know!

Splodz x

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  1. corkytoadhall

    Like the new look layout. My only critique is the font of the main text I find it a little harder to see. I think it may be because it’s a grey on a white background (well it is on my screen). Other than that navigation is really easy and the photos are now a much better size. Great change well done!

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