Year in Photos (10 Jun 11) – Pink Rose in the Rain

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Here it is… one of a number of test shots I took this afternoon (in the rain) with my new point and shoot camera. We finally made a decision and bought the bargain that is the Finepix JZ510, a 14 mega-pixel camera with 10x opital zoom that cost only £99, to replace our beloved F10.

This was my first time using the camera and so far so good – we didn’t spend as much on this one as we did on the F10 but needs must, and what we have for our money is an excellent little tool so far. You know there’ll be a review on the JZ510 once I’m used to the new controls and have had time to take lots more photos.

Friday 10th June 2011

10/06/11: Pink rose in the rain using my new Finepiz JZ510

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