Year in Photos (24 Jun 11) – Exercise Bike

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I’m not a member of a gym, I can’t warrant the expense.  But I don’t always want to go out for a run or cycle ride.  So we have an exercise bike.  I admit I go through phases of using it a lot and using it hardly at all – and right now I’ve been using it quite a bit in combination with running and other things.  It’s not an expensive one, just a pretty standard Reebok exercise bike with a few pre-set programmes to choose from.  It’s quiet and compact.  And I know it’s not quite the same as riding a proper bike outside (you can go faster and further for the same effort when on an exercise bike), but it’s a good alternative.  If I had my dream I’d have a full home-gym (with swimming pool!), but as that’s not gonna happen any time soon I’ll happily stick with this for now.

Friday 24th June 2011

24/06/11: Never been used as a clothes horse!

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