Toy Balls are Addictive

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Like Angry Birds?  Were you addicted?  Not played it recently?  You need Toy Balls in your life!

A free app for the iPhone (£1.19 for iPad), Toy Balls is a simple little game by Cazual Games.  A friend told me I just had to get this game… and she was right.

The idea is very simple.  Swipe your finger across groups of at least three balls in a row, and they disappear.  Each time you swipe a group of balls you get some points.  As time goes on more balls are added into play, giving you more balls to remove.  Each level has a time limit, along with an “electro zapper” trap in each level that if your balls fall through it, the level ends.

There are a few things that make Toy Balls a fantastic boredom breaker.  Firstly it is intuitive – you don’t really need to read the instructions, just get on and play.  And play.  And play.

Toy Balls Screen Shot

Then of course there are the 30+ levels to keep you entertained for hours.  Oh and don’t forget the aim is to get three stars on each level (you get a number of stars based on the number of points you score) so there are always levels to go back to that need improvement.  And if you thought “oh this is a simple game” – think again!  The match-based play is complicated by the maze-like wooden structures the balls fall in – meaning in some levels you have two areas to work on simultaneously, in others you end up with a snake like line of balls (with none of them matching up, of course).

Toy Balls Screen Shot

Finally there is the tune!!  Very hummable!  Mine (and everyone elses I’ve heard) is set on “Christmas” which is the default, but there are some other choices if you get too annoyed with that.  You have to play this game with the sound… do do, do do, do do, di di do di do………..

If you have an iOS device go and download this app now – I defy anyone not to get even a little bit addicted to this game.

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  1. Jade Roberts

    I LOVE this game, it’s so addictive and playing on the bigger iPad screen is the best. Luckily my boyfriend got it on his iPad when it was free for a limited time 🙂

    If you havent already, get the AppShopper app on your iPad to find more good games/apps when they’re free, that’s what we do 🙂 (Because we like a good bargain!)

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