Year in Photos (5 Jul 11) – Take That at Wembley Stadium

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Today’s Year in Photos entry subject was a no brainer… but which actual photo to choose was much more difficult!  I went down to London to see Take That at Wembley Stadium.  Yes I was one of those 30-year-olds who liked Take That 20 years ago reliving part of my childhood and going crazy – although none of the antics that you’ve read about in the press were anything to do with me!  The show was amazing – and it was that, a real show.  The best moment for me?  The five of them sat around the Piano and sang Million Love Songs.  Never Forget came a very close second.  It was all good, I’m very glad I went.

Tuesday 5th July 2011

05/07/11: Never Forget!

Oh and before the band came on I ended up around the other side of the Stadium to where we were sitting – all those people in one place is an amazing sight.  This was very nearly my choice of photo but I wanted to have a shot of the actual gig.

Tuesday 5th July 2011

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