Tesco Gravy Granules – Way Too Much Salt

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I like to get best value.  Therefore when it comes to cupboard essentials, I buy own brand products rather then the generally more expensive premium brands.  One such example is gravy – I have bought Tesco Gravy Granules over and over again for a long time.

Tesco Gravy Granules

But this last batch seems incredibly salty.

We made it up as we’ve always done, poured it over our sausages and mash, and couldn’t believe how salty the dinner tasted.  I hadn’t added salt to the meal anywhere else.  A couple of days later we had a roast dinner, and once again made up the gravy as always – and again our tongues were very surprised by the amount of salt we could taste.

Way too much salt.

I’m not sure whether this tub is a particularly salty batch, or if Tesco have changed the recipe, but whichever it is I’m put right off.

I’ve not changed the brand.  Not changed the way I cook my food.  Haven’t added salt at the table.  But this makes my meal way too salty.

Tesco Gravy Granules

Actually looking at the table on the side of the tub, there is an incredible amount of salt in gravy, and I hadn’t realised.  We’re not supposed to go over 6g of salt a day, and a dribble of this stuff counts for nearly 1g.

I’m sure there are  many of you who like this much salt in your gravy, or who don’t use granules as you’re clever enough to make your own from scratch, but for those like me who use this stuff to moisten your potatoes have you noticed a change?  Have your tongues been tingling with the salty taste?

Maybe this is a ploy to get me to buy the slightly dearer (and smaller tubs) reduced salt version?  Whatever it is, I shan’t be buying this one again.

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