STS-135 Comes Home and Ends Shuttle Programme

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STS-135Later today Space Shuttle Atlantis, STS-135, will land and mark the end of the NASA Space Shuttle programme.

There are two scheduled landing times, the first is 10.56 BST (09.56 GMT, when Atlantis will glide into our atmosphere and land at Kennedy Space Centre in Florida.

Preparations are already well under way – everything has to be just perfect to get Atlantis and her crew home safely.  As with the last few missions, and perhaps even more so this time, everything is being covered live on NASA TV – and I for one have struggled to take my eyes of the amazing pictures coming from space… not to mention all the tweets and twitpics from the Astronauts themselves which have been real eye openers.

STS-135 CrewAt about 9.15pm last night there was a live interview between several of the American news channels and the four Astronauts on board, during which Commander Chris Ferguson (top left) said:

“We have had a packed mission… I really do feel like it’s coming near the end… it’s gonna be tough, it’s gonna be emotional… we’re gonna make it a celebration.”

Wishing the four Astronauts on board a safe flight home.

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